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Thank you for visiting us. We are from Flanders (Belgium). We’ve got a Catholic education but we like to help every Christian in the world to find good friends. We want to bring Christian people together for long friendships and relationships. We try to do that in a Spirit of joy and strength.

A lot of people dream quite rightly of a classic family and they can use our services to find someone to love. God wants that we live in peace with all kind of persons. So we think that it’s important to be gay friendly and transgender friendly.

We expect that everyone who contact us has respect for Jesus Christ.

As free private initiative, we need some time to put your ad on our site. Thanks. We cannot be responsible for abuses. We advise to read our datingtips and our conditions and privacy. Welcome to our free Christian datingsite!

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Go for a safe date!

By using the internet you partly agree with an anonymous way of living. Sometimes, it can be dangerous to keep contact with someone you trust no longer.

Please try to avoid blind dates. A telephone-call before meeting each other in real life can be very useful to create confidence.

It isn’t always safe to invite strangers at home. It’s better to organize a first meet and greet in a public space like a pub or restaurant.

We advise to tell other people about your internet dates. They can discreet follow you during a meeting. They can give you a ring to check if everything is fine and when it’s necessary they can help you soon.

We wish you good luck!

Conditions and privacy

Posted by Alice Park on 27/01/2018

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