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Conditions and privacy

Be careful with the use of personal data in your profiles because these will be posted online. The same goes for messages in our guestbook. Messages or passages which pose a risk for your safety or are in violation with our norms and values will be removed. We reserve the right to deny any request for publication.

Your profile has the purpose to find your perfect love or friendship. Great differences in age, character, social rank, religion, health may lead to practical or emotional barriers and may thereby decrease the chances for a successful date. Allow eachother some time. We do not guaranty any success. Acceptance allows equal chances for all Christians for pleasant meetings. In the guestbook you may share useful information.

As long as you use our services, your profiles are only saved for backup purposes so they will not be lost in case of computer/server failure. If you post multiple profiles, the outdated ones may be removed.

As founders it is not our main purpose to profile us as a person in our society. But your profile may be selected so you may become a personal friend of us.

Your profile and data may always be removed or adjusted on your request without any costs. The same goes for our guestbook. When your request is in violation with our norms and values, we reserve the right to deny it. Those who want a second chance to be part of our website are always welcome to state their wish so we will reconsider your request.

In case of abuse of your data by third parties, please notify us as soon as possible. All data on our website is only for personal use and any form of reproducing is not allowed without our permission. We cannot be held responsible for any damage which may result directly or indirectly from the use of our website.

Your tips and suggestions are always welcome. We ask for your understanding for our limited service compared to our competitors. A completely free service limits our possibilities. We will respond within 5 working days unless in case of disease, technical issues or vacation. We value open discussions but we don’t like pointless arguing. This website may be updated to improve our service and quality.

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